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Character Information
Character Name: River Song (Melody Pond)
Fandom: Doctor Who

Character History: You have two options for the history requirement:
1) Write the full history of your character out (especially if your canon is obscure).
2) Link to a detailed wikia page for your character and provide your own bullet point summary of your character’s history.

River's very complicated background.
How it relates to The Doctor

Note: River is very much like The Doctor in the fact that she was able to regenerate. The version of her I'm writing the app for is the version of her known as River Song, her third and final regeneration. This is also the version of her that mostly interacted with the 11th Doctor and occasionally with his younger selves later in her life.

First Incarnation: Melody
- Parents conceived her while flying through the Time Vortex on the TARDIS.
- Born Melody Pond on Demons Run in the 52nd Century
- Stolen by Madame Kovarian a month after her birth and raised in the 20th Century.
- Spent time at Graystark Hall Orphanage in 1969 Florida where she was trained and raised to kill The Doctor by The Silence. note: because of The Silence's abilities, her memories are jumbled of this at best.
- While at the Orphanage, Melody was routinely put into an upgraded Apollo space suit to control her. This had the side affect of the artificial intelligence in the suit putting a frightened child in touch with the highest authority in the land. She called President Nixon.
- Lead to the first time she could remember meeting The Doctor and her getting shot at by Amy. They hadn't met her yet.
- Three months later encountered Amy again and managed to force her way out of her suit.
- Ended up in New York City six months later and terminally ill. Regenerates for the first time in January 1970. However, ended up as a baby again.

Second Incarnation: Mels
- Went by Mels in her second incarnation and continued to be trained by the Silence.
- Knew that Amy and Rory were her parents this time. Ended up growing up with them and becoming friends while they were children.
- Fought with the Krampus when he invaded Leadworth one Christmas.
- Reared by her parents without them realizing it.
- Held the belief as a child that all of the disasters in history were because of the Doctor due to The Silence's conditioning. Also obsessed with him because the conditioning.
- Played a part in making her parents realize they loved one another. Insuring she would be born in the future.
- Skipped attending their Wedding. Claimed she 'didn't do weddings'. Prevented a paradox by skipping
- Autumn 2011 she stole a car and met up with Amy and Rory in a cornfield while they were trying to send a message to The Doctor.
- Ended up holding The Doctor up at gunpoint. When presented with the idea of time travel, decided she wanted to kill Hitler.
- Ended up shooting the TARDIS which caused it to crash into Hitler's office in 1938 and accidentally saving Hitler from the Teselecta.[Time police]
- Hitler ends up shooting and hits Mels.
- She regenerates after revealing who she was to her parents and The Doctor.

Third Incarnation: Becoming River Song.
- Melody regenerated into the form that would become known as River Song in the future.
- Putting lipstick on laced with poison from the Judas Tree and used obvious means to try and kill The Doctor to catch him off his guard. Kissed The Doctor, poisoning him like she was programmed to do.
- Captured by the Teselecta who wanted to pushing her for crimes she was going to commit/ killing the Doctor.
- Ended up piloting the TARDIS [who taught her how to fly it] to save Amy and Rory.
- Learned that she would one day become River Song.
- Used her remaining regenerations to save The Doctor from the poison she inflicted on him.
- Doctor took River to the 'Best hospital in the universe'. Left her the diary so she could keep track of their meetings to avoid Spoilers.
- Attended The Lunar University 5123 to study Archeology.

River Song:

- Day she got her Doctorate, was kidnapped by Madame Kovarian
- Forced into a spacesuit and left at the bottom of Lake Silencio, Utah in April 2011.
- Was supposed to kill the Doctor. She refused to do so and drained the weapons in her suit.
- This act tore apart time because she refused to kill him which was a fixed point in time. Refused to fix her mistake.
- Admitted to falling in love with him and professed her love to him on top of the Great Pyramid.
- Married The Doctor. Time went back to normal after they share a kiss and she went through with his supposed murder.

- Was incarcerated for killing the Doctor in Stormcage Containment Facility serving 12 thousand consecutive life sentences.
- Often escaped Prison and went on adventures with The Doctor. They started the first night of her imprisonment when the Doctor brought her to Calderon Beta and explained the purpose of the diary.
- Escaped often enough on her own and has adventures with the use of a vortex manipulator.
- Also used it to prevent herself interacting with her younger or future selves whenever the Doctor dropped her off.
- One Birthday she went to the last great frost fair in London in 1824 where Stevie Wonder played for her on the Thames River.
- After being returned to Stormcage, she encountered Rory in Roman garb requesting her help with Demons Run. Refused and stated she can't be there until the very end.
- Appeared after Madam Kovarian escaped with her infant self.
- Revealed who she is to The Doctor and her parents.

- Received and invitation from the Doctor to meet up at Lake Silencio, Utah in April 2011.
- Watched her younger self 'kill' the Doctor who was hiding in the Teselecta double of himself.
- Revisited her childhood with Amy, Rory and a younger version of The Doctor who has no idea who she really is.
- Separated from them and investigated the Silence over the next three months. In July, leapt off of a building, trusting The Doctor to be there. She landed in the TARDIS swimming pool.
- Helped The Doctor to defeat the Silence by using their brainwashing techniques against them.
- Has him bring her back to Stormcage where they share their first kiss from his perspective.

- 5145 she received a phone call from Winston Churchill curtsy of the TARDIS warning about the TARDIS exploding.
- Stole a painting and graffiti the oldest cliff face in the universe to get The Doctor's attention.
- Met up with him at Stonehenge in 102 AD posing as Cleopatra with the help of hallucinogenic lipstick.
- Was there to help try and prevent The Doctor's enemies from getting the Pandorica and after the Doctors got his enemies to back off, He sent River to get the TARDIS.
- She ended up traveling to June 10th, 2010 to Amy's home.
- Got stuck in a time loop in the first moments of the TARDIS exploded for quite some time.
- The Doctor rescued her from the time loop in 1996. He told her the plan to restore the universe.
- She distracted Amy, Rory and also made a Dalek beg for mercy while The Doctor goes through with his plan to reboot the universe. It erases The Doctor from existence
- Leaves her blank diary for Amy at her wedding to remind her mother of The Doctor, bringing him back.
- Hints to The Doctor that he will find out who she is very soon.

- Ends up rescuing The Doctor and defeating enemies in various eras in London.

- Works towards her pardon in 51st Century by taking a mission involving the crash of The Byzantium.
- Wrote 'Hello Sweetie' on the ship's home box in High Gallifreyan for the Doctor to find 12 thousand years later.
- Encountered a version of Amy and Rory who haven't met her yet and a younger version of The Doctor.
- Aided them in defeating The Weeping Angels. Tells the Doctor they would meet again when the Pandorica Opens.

- Visited her parents afterwards. For them, it's just after The Doctor's murder. She told them he is alive.

- Is pardoned after The Doctor erases himself from all the Databases in the universe. With no proof that the man she murdered existed, there was no reason to contain her.

- Went on to become a Professor of Archeology.

- Ended up in 1938 New York City and investigated Weeping Angels as Melody Malone and has quite the adventure.
- Met back up with The Doctor, Amy and Rory while she was trapped in the grip of one of the Angels.
- Ended up breaking her own wrist to get free, The Doctor fixed it with his own regeneration energy. Rory got taken by the angels to Winter Quay. They follow and discover an older version of Rory dying there. She witnessed her parents sacrificing themselves by jumping off the building to poison the Weeping Angels with a time paradox.
- They end up in a graveyard and find Rory's headstone. A surviving Angel sent Rory back in time. Because of all the time paradoxes surrounding the time period he was sent back to, The Doctor couldn't retrieve Rory. Amy lets the Angel's take her.
- River then writes the book that sent them to 1938 New York to make sure they go there and sends a copy to Amy so she could write the Afterward for The Doctor.
- Agrees to travel with The Doctor, but not all the time.

- Met up with the 12th Doctor while she was married to King Hydroflax and attempting to steal the diamond embedded in his head. Also married her assistant Ramone.
- Did not recognize the Doctor until he told her who he was.
- Ends up spending a night on Darillium with him. The night lasted 24 years.

More Notes:
According to River's diary, she has met the first nine versions of The Doctor, just not in order and at unknown periods of time. However, she has NOT met the 10th doctor yet. None of them remember her since she wiped their memories to keep from corrupting the timeline.

Character Personality: Please be as detailed as possible so that we have a good picture of the character. What makes this character tick? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Minimum three paragraphs.

Personality wise, River is many things. She is strong willed and carries several traits she shares with her parents along with a devoted love for The Doctor that has lead her to do some very questionable things over her life time. Along with that, she has confidence in droves, can be extremely hard to intimidate and even flirts with more than just the Doctor. To a point, she has ever right to call herself a psychopath, which she does on numerous occasions.

Because of the influence of The Silence on her life and being raised to kill the Doctor, River fell in love with him so deeply that she was willing to destroy time itself for him when she was younger. Over the years, her love for that impossibly mad man in a box lead her to become a little more selfless, even going on to sacrifice herself for the younger version of him upon their very last meeting.

River has even admitted that she lives for the days she went on adventures with him whether they were romantically involved or not. Yet, when she was younger, she also feared the day when she encountered a version that didn't know her quite yet and felt that day might be the day she died. This has lead her to cherish every moment she has with the Doctor, regardless of which face of his she's interacting with.

However, as she grew older, River came to think that despite her love for The Doctor, he might not love her back and even stated that she was fine with that when confronted by Hydroflax, not realizing she was standing with the Doctor [12]. She went on to compare loving him to loving the stars themselves, claiming that ' you never expect the sunset to admire you back'. River went on to state she believed The Doctor was beyond loving anyone...She was wrong and was surprised and overjoyed to be proven wrong for once. But, her love for him has been one of the biggest influences on her life, even driving her to become an archeologist just so she can track him through out history. Which, is how she's been able to leave clues to various versions of him to come find her.

As for the influence from her parents, River can contribute her flirtatiousness and sass to Amy who helped her to learn how to stand up to the Doctor when she was younger. Which, also lead to her flirting with him more and also lead into her tendency to flirt with virtually everyone she meets for her own personal amusement. This is at times seen through her teasing and flirting with her own prison guards.

From Rory, River gained a sense of responsibility, compassion and a good chunk of her stubbornness, leading her to at times be more stubborn than even her husband when it comes to something she believes in.

Because of her parent's influences, she went from an impulsive, selfish woman to a more calm, confidant and stable individual that would eventually become just as selfless as her husband. Even going as far as sacrificing herself to save him one last time.

As for her tendency to lie and get into trouble, those are both attributed to the influence The Silence had in her life and a bit from Amy. To an extent, River feels no remorse over lying her way out of predicaments or even to the people she loves. She views it as a necessity to keep their respective timelines intact, something that she is very devoted to doing. Then there is also the issue of River's vanity. She is so confident in her looks that she takes pride in making grand entrances when she can just to show off, especially for the Doctor. Which had lead her to leaping off buildings, out of space ships and even using a time vortex manipulator to make a flashy entrance for attention.

Now, when it comes to her strengths and weaknesses, River becomes a bit tricky. Personality wise, her strengths lay in her confidence, stubbornness and intelligence. All of these have seen her through some very tricky situations in the past and even lead to her perchance for escaping when she's cornered or locked up. But, her love for the Doctor could also be considered a strength since he tends to be her motivation in most cases. It's that love for him that even drove her to become an Archeologist and even willingly serve her time in Stormcage for a crime she didn't commit.

However, when it comes to weaknesses, the Doctor can also be her greatest weakness because of her love for him. River has shown to be willing to sacrifice herself for him and has on various occasions just to prove she loves him or to make sure his timeline remains unchanged so he could go on to have all those adventures with her. It has also landed her in trouble because she is wildly known as the woman who loves him, drawing people who want to try and get to the doctor through her. Though, they often bite off more than they can chew with her.

Among her other weaknesses, her anger can lead to her becoming very violent when provoked. She has no issue shooting down an entire room of enemies or even scaring a Dalek into begging for mercy, something that no one else has ever managed to accomplish, not even the Doctor.

Then there is her fear. For the most part, River is without it. She doesn't fear her own death knowing that it is inevitable even though she doesn't now when. What she does fear is coming to a point in time where she meets the Doctor at a point in his timeline where he doesn't know who she is or even have the faintest idea why he would trust her. It's a fear she's harbored all her life, which has also lead into her belief that despite her love for him, he may not love her back. It's a fear she hides well. But, is still very much there.

Powers and Abilities:

Because of her conception and experiments by The Silence, she shares several physical similarities to the Timelords. She has a respiratory bypass system though she has little experience with it. At one point she could regenerate, which she gave up the rest of them to save The Doctor and most significantly, she does have two hearts despite both parents being human.

Beyond that, she knows how to fly the TARDIS properly having been taught how to fly it by the TARDIS itself. She can even fly it better than The Doctor and has claimed to have stolen it from him on various occasions without him knowing.

She is well versed in temporal theory and can even fix and maintain the TARDIS by herself. Also can write Old High Gallifreyan along with having a doctorate in Archeology and five masters degrees.

Another notable skill of River's is her expertise at escaping, having often escaped Stormcage, the highest security prison in the universe, with ease. She has been noted to be so good at escaping that they couldn't really stop her from coming and going as she pleased.

River is also very skilled with a gun and very precise. She's shown that she doesn't have to see the target to hit it and can be considered pretty deadly with a gun.

TDM posts (unless it's for Network), links, and examples for posts from other communities are not accepted.


River's TDM post

Third Person: 300 word minimum. This is the place to show your character's inner thoughts within the setting. Give us a nice third person narrative of your character doing something, plus how they feel about it. This doesn't have to be blatant "this is what my character is thinking, designated by italics!" but should rather show your character's self via their actions and interactions with their environment.


There was no denying that she felt off for awhile now, but, she never expected answering whatever was tugging at her would send her someplace like this. Now, the questions was, how did it do that? River knew what a vortex manipulator felt like and that was definitely not it.

Of course, she hadn't used one of those in years. Not with the TARDIS so readily available. So, that left her with one of many questions that she had a feeling wouldn't be easy to answer. Which, also meant that this little adventure was already promising to be her kind of fun and that meant that it was the kind of fun that meant lots of running and potential danger. In other words, the best kind of fun.

Now, lets see. Lots of fog and judging by the sky, it might be late evening or whatever past as evening here. Considering it was nighttime where River was last, this definitely tells her she moved locations without a doubt. Well, that and the numerous unrecognizable buildings...

Just looking at the buildings as she began to walk told her a few more things. There was a definite theme here and not all of them looked like they were meant for humans. Not to mention the mess. From the looks of it, there might have been some sort of a battle? Definitely conflict of some sort and a rather suspicious clear spot from what she could see. If River didn't know better, she might suspect her husband had been here despite being on Darillium with her the last several years.

As she came to the corner of the block, she paused and glanced behind her for a moment. Thinking of the Doctor, her mind went back to her husband. That wonderfully mad idiot of a man... This had been their last night together and Whatever was coming after, she was afraid of it. So perhaps, where she was now might help delay the inevitable.

Who knows, this strange place may just be the kind of thing she needed. Only time would tell in that regard. But, at least she had time now where she didn't before. River just hoped she could put this little extra time to good use.


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